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Terms & Conditions

Free Ad Sites Sri Lanka

Creating User Accounts

A valid email address is compulsory to create an account.

Users must fill their valid information. And publishers must be responsible for the information provided. will not be responsible for any actions taken over the data published on the website by the advertisement publishers.

Creating and Submitting ads

Provided data should be relevant to the publishing advertisement. Any requests for ads with irrelevant data will be rejected.

Free Ad Sites Sri Lanka
Ad Contents

Add contents should not be copied from any other website or from a previous publishing.

Publishers are responsible for the information published on the ads by their accounts.


In such case the ad publisher is responsible for the actions taken over the above mentioned contents.


  • Should be actual images
  • Should be relevant to the ad
  • Images should not contain logos, phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses and any third party information.

This is to avoid any copyright violations and the images with the above will be removed from the ad or the ad will be rejected.


Publishing Ads

All the ads will be reviewed before publishing.

Ads will be rejected for

  • Irrelevant contents
  • Irrelevant images
  • Illegal Ads

Payments made for any rejected ads for the above reasons will not be refunded.

Ads Lifetime

Published ads lifetime will be as per the original ads package.

  • Free regular ads : 90 Days
  • Paid regular ads : 90 Days
  • Paid Featured ads : 120 Days
  • Business Account ads : 180 Days

Package Purchasing

Packages and package pricing will be determined by the has the sole rights to change the ads charges, offers and promotions.


Refunds will only be done in cases of system errors and in any managerial actions.

By accepting the terms and conditions when creating the user accounts and placing the orders, you have taken the responsibility of your actions taken on the

We do not refunds for,

Purchased ad packages which are not published, published, partially published, rejected.

For rejected ads, you can always edit the ad and submit us to review. If the ad is relevant, then it would never be rejected and will guide through the way.